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MARK I, modular and made-to-measure kit columns

A modular storage system that takes the form of columns from one to six compartments in height. These columns can be connected to each other by fixed or telescopic links. The system is cut without dropping from a panel, and is wedge-mounted, without tools.

The columns snap in and out as needed and desired. Stack or expand depending on available space. Can be assembled and disassembled in no time and over and over again. And besides, it’s really beautiful.

In 1995, tens of thousands of Pioneers (TWU) were exported from Belgium to MUJI Paris, London and Japan.


Year of patent
Furniture type
Column bookcase
79.7 cm - ∞ - The elements are stackable
43.1 cm - ∞ - Adjustable thanks to telescopic planks
31 cm
Poplar plywood
Les Ephemères
Assembly time
2 min per element
Manufacturing country
Kingdom of Belgium
Finishes available
White - Natural wood

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